Intro to the Globe Equestrian Gamings

The World Equestrian Gamings consist of eight equestrian sporting activities. The World Rider Games are governed by the Federation Equestre Internationale (FEI).


The Federation Equestre Internationale is the worldwide controling body of equestrian sports around the world. When the FEI formed, it signed up with the national equestrian companies in the United States, Sweden, Norway, Japan, Italy, France, Denmark and also Belgium.

The World Equestrian Games are the globe champions for 8 equestrian self-controls. These include:

Dressage: Dressage suggests “training” in French. The objective of this technique is to develop the equine in to a professional athlete that mores than happy and also relocate consistency with the rider. The horse must be tranquil, flexible, flexible as well as loose. It should likewise be confident, attentive to the rider and also eager. In competition, each equine as well as equestrian carry out a test that includes a combination of movements and also entrances that must occur at established locations in the sector.

Integrated Driving: Combined driving contains three competitors which include driven challenge, dressage and also marathon cones driving. The event is competed by 4 in-hand vehicle drivers with a group of 4 horses.

Eventing: Eventing consists of three competitors as well. These include dressage, cross nation and also show jumping. Each event is hung on a separate day as well as the whole competitors is referred to as “3 Day Occasion.”

Endurance: An endurance ride tests the rate and endurance of the steed. The competition is a race against the clock over a 100 mile range.

Leaping: Program leaping includes a steed as well as horsman group competing over various challenges on a program.

Reining: Reining is the only western event at the Globe Equestrian Gamings. Rivals run one of a number of accepted patterns.

Para Dressage: The para dressage self-control allows ryders with handicaps to contend at an expert degree.

Vaulting: Rising combines acrobatics and dancing aspects that are carried out to music on a cantering steed. Rivals can compete on a specific, pair or team basis.

The 2019 Alltech World Rider Games will certainly happen over 16 days at the end of September as well as the very first 10 days of October. Each event is startled on various days throughout the 16 days. The Globe Rider Gamings is just one of one of the most interesting 2 and also a fifty percent weeks in the world of equestrian sports.

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